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What are RNDMDNRs?

A random dinner is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the opportunity for you to have dinner at new restaurants, with new friends, for a new experience. It is hard to have authentic interactions at networking events and impossible to truly connect with someone new online. Having hosted dozens of dinners that brought together creatives and entrepreneurs who didn’t know each other,  we realized something special was happening

When people share a meal, share their stories, and find deeper reasons to connect something magical happens.

Why should I attend a RNDMDNR?

You want to meet new people, engage in interesting conversations, and have authentic interactions. You don’t believe that relationships are transactional and you believe you can learn something from anyone.

What inspired RNDMDNR?


Serendipitous moments happen when we give them an opportunity to. We decide to head to that coffee shop and just happen to sit beside someone who can help us solve a design problem. We meet the love of our life when your friend coerces us to go out and celebrate his new job. Moments that matter, aren’t always planned.

Creative cities

Creative Cities are driven by the connections that happen between intelligent, engaged, and creative citizens serendipitously. Creative Cities are driven by connection, discussion, and collaboration.